007 MP3 Agent


Extracts tracks from Audio CD into WAV files or directly into MP3 files

AVLAN Design  |  7 more applications - August 16, 2009
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Publisher's description

007 MP3 Agent is easy to use program, which will help you to create a musical collection in compact MP3 file format. Your PC becomes your ultimate music storage system. Also if you have portable mp3 player - this program is the very thing you need!
The 007 MP3 Agent extracts tracks from Audio CD and save them into WAV files or directly into MP3 format files.
The program supports all bitrates of mp3: from 8 to 320 Kbps, constant and variable bitrates.
The run 007 MP3 Agent, you need at least:
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP operating system
Win ASPI Drivers (version 4.54 or better).
A CD-ROM which has Digital Audio Extracting capabilities (most IDE drives and SCSI drives will do)
Intel Pentium or compatible processor
Lot's of free disk space to record your WAV and MP3 files

What's new in this version

• New properties are added

Minimum requirements

• P-100, 32 MB RAM

Additional info

Operating system: Win NT, Win 95, Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2006-05-02

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